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Why Buy Concrete Poles?

Greater Strength

Reinforced concrete poles can support heavier loads with less deflection than light metal or fiberglass standards. Their rigid construction prevents "wind sway". These poles can resist bumper damage when placed near curbs or in parking lots.

More Environmentally Friendly

The materials that go into concrete are mostly inert and produced directly from the earth. They undergo little if any change during the production process. This, along with the low energy consumption used to produce concrete poles, allows for a product that is more environmentally friendly.

Corrosion Resistant
Concrete light poles will give years of long service life. The permanent surface will age gracefully under the stresses of nature and time, and does not corrode or rust like steel.

Installation Ease / Direct Burial Benefits
Direct Burial concrete poles eliminate the cost and time delays of setting expensive anchor base footings. Under normal circumstances, a direct burial concrete pole can be set directly into an augered hole. Depending on the strength of the soil, backfilling can be accomplished with aggregate, concrete or the original soil. With no unsightly base plates, studs or nuts to cover, direct burial poles provide a clean, uncluttered appearance. Direct burial saves time, money and is more visually appealing.

Low Overall Cost!
Because concrete poles are corrosion resistant, easy to install, and offer a long service life, the initial cost is the ONLY cost.

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